Tonight, my heart is hurting

I wrote this on Tumblr last night but I feel like I could write this over and over again, especially tonight…

I’m drifting away. Slowly but surely.

I have found myself here, on this earth, where people are too many and the sounds are too loud. Where success and victories are all that matters.

I have found myself here. It becomes harder to breathe. I keep on pretending. I’m lying and faking. Honesty isn’t my best quality.

I’m a mess in disguise.

But tonight I come to you without my mask on. Tonight I’m scared, I feel it is coming, I feel the times are changing and I cannot fight it.

Tonight I’m just myself, with my naked soul and I’m scared.

I’m just a human being, telling a story of pain and hope, and tonight I wish I could believe in God, I wish I could believe in something so nothing changes.