‘I see you just don’t wanna know’

I’m so scared yet I can’t wait. For a new beginning, for a new ending. Please give me the strenght to go through it. I feel like every fiber of my being is gonna explode in million pieces into the sky.

In a hazzy way I’m starting to comprehend that I will never get better. Maybe this life ain’t for me after all. I see them all around me, smiling and loving this life and I feel fake.

Sadness is its own justification, that’s why I grasp it eagerly. But tonight I want to be happy.

Please tell me that happiness does exists and death ain’t the solution to everything in life.

Because right now I am here, and I see that we are all just human beings. We all feel joy and pain and imperfection. We all have our own bliss and our own battles to fight. Some harder than others. None of us really have it all together.

Evening thoughts